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Monday, May 12, 2014

it was a PIZZA SPAGHETTI kinda night.

i didnt take pics of the dinner so anything you see here is from the net, but looks exactly the same as what craig had made.

we have several jars of pizza sauce in my closet, we havent used and should really get used simply because they are glass jars and i dont like glass stuff, if we have some tornado or something come thtough they will break..

so we had like, i dont know, 6 jars maybe? we hadnt used.

so i saw them, and said to craig one day, ya know we can make a PIZZA spaghetti, sometime.
he was like, "whats that?"

same way you do traditional, except you make the sauce have PIZZA SAUCE and STUFF for pizzas in it..

so we went out and got the supplies about a month ago,
peperoni slices,
mizzarella cheese
black olives
 we went basic, because my son isnt much into STUFF, but if i had MY way, id also include:

Red onion- chopped
Bell pepper -chopped

basicaly whatever YOUR fav pizza is you go get that as part of your sauce.

so, he came to me and asked me how to make this idea...
so simple, really? geeze, nothing major, make it like youd do regular spaghetti, just use the pizza sauce as  your spaghetti saucr, and add the with mozzarella cheese

so he made it, was..ok, i really think it would have been so much better with the other ingredients, but i could tell it was pizza and not traditional...


Pizza Sauce (we used 2 jars)
Ground beef (you know your family, use what you normally do for spageetti, we do a pound a person) (we also, use ground turkey - sausage flavor)
Mozzarealla cheese
Olives (gree & Black, or either)
Red onion, diced
Bell pepper, diced
ham (if you like it meatier)
heck, go wild, want  pineapple? you can throw that in as well, it would be awesome too, anything and everything you can think of thats on a pizza, you make this to YOUR preference..
SLICES PEPPERONI (the most important part, lol)

make the noodles par the directions
heat the sauce  in a sauce pan till heated through
add your ingredients.

1) all togerther by mixing it all up in the pot.
2) noodles then top with the auce mixture.

with the mozzarella cheese


it was just enough different it broke our routine, which can become dull and boring if your always eating the same stuff, and still allot like what we normally do to not be too "out of the box"

it was..pleasantly different, and i ate all mine up.

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