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Friday, February 28, 2014

Feb 28 - ATTENDED THE OKLAHOMA CITY TEMPLE- And a small testimony about attendance and how its effecting my family.

i have mentioned (i believe) in this blog, that i have a goal, this year ill attend the temple one a month.

all month of february i thought about going, and down to the last wire, i got the chance to go.
i was visit teaching a sister im assigned to, and she mentioned she and her husband were going the next day (last day of the month) for one session.

i asked if i could come along.
they agreed.

so, for thr 1st time, even more so for my sealing, which i found odd, i was actually excited to get there..
i had an inner excitement happening, and a thrill to actually be in the temple, and part of a session.

id never felt that before. and it was a breath of fresh air, to have happen within myself.

i did one session, say next to the sister i visit teach, felt awkward at time, as shse assisted me, shes younger and im oldr, and im supposed to do things for her, or at least i should be, but i havnt been going as much as she has so she knows more, and i still feel like a noobie when im in there.

i have been going to  keep God to his promise of temple attendance, he has a few romises, but one that run out to me in a talk given by our steak president, was that if we go to the temple, our families will have a testimony, and be church attenders.

last time i went, the next day, daniel had a plan to get back in our good graces and have the opportun ity to go out to eat with us was to go to church, and attend ALL HIS CLASSES...
he decided that, on his own.

so, i go do the temple stuff this time, and im there for my son, and myself, because i had been dealing with a huge mess on facebook, because i admin a group, and some things were thrown around and said about me, and i had a choie to react in anger, or react with peace and let it all die down, i chose the latter, but that didnt change the way i felt personally about those words and that atack on i felt going to the temple, would be the thing i needed. and i was ready!

so, i went. did the session, and we went back to my car, and i drove home.
that was a friday.
and it was all planned out that daniel was to recieve a calling at church.
and we got snowed in, and church was cancelled, and daniel seemed literally, upset about the fact.

i see the smallest changes in him, not that anything bad, cause it isnt, progress often is slow. we dont get to the top of a mountian in one fell leap, we climb it, and we do it slowly, making sure each step we take is secure, and has a grounded foundation.
im guessing hes exercizing some small amount of faith, which is really all you need to do to build faith up...

so this is another blog about the testimony that i have that temple attendance works to get your family back on track in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

one small step..thats all it takes, yo TRY faith out, you have to be willing to take the risk...
if you never try, you never know, and in trying you might find out, that the result is better than you expected.


its funny i got this, because of all the animated princes ive had the opportunity to view and watch in these movies, by far, Beast is my fav looking one when hes changing from the beast to his human self.

we see him briefly in the movie Beauty and the Beast.
but everytime, i think hes just..handsome.

and so i took this quiz, not expecting to get him, but..i did.

and to comment on the results a bit which say:

"Your looking for a tough guy whos actually a teddy bear. On the Surface hes gruff and perhaps even a jerk, but once you get to know him hes a kind, sensative soul (and really good looking too)"

not interested in "tough guys" actually dont prefer them, im a nerd lover, seriously! id prefer the intleect over the brawn, any day.
i DO love a teddy bear body, and even a soft kind soul..those are deffinate pluses to me.
wont take anyone whos even slightly a "jerk" to me, because i deserve better than that. so they can all just stay away.
and looks? not even needed. i dont go for that at all.
so part of this quiz is right. part of its dead wrong...

but i did get the most handsome prince, to me anyway, of all disney princes!


Wednesday, February 26, 2014


didnt take too long for this one to arrive to me, thankfully!
cant say the same for the other order im STILL waiting on arriving to my door.

edited the tracking number so the image couldnt be used by anyone who may want to go in and claim its theirs, when it isnt.
so, that wont happen, of course i COULD have just deleted that entire thing, but then i felt like the image would look photoshopped, and it isnt, its edited with microsoft paint, and all i did was cut every other section of 5 numbers , and then texted over it with "*"

i really shouldnt have to explain that, but someones gonna ask, and thats your answer.

so, by, maybe 3:30pm ill have this at my door.
ill take pics of each item, just because there may be details on the clothes id like to highlight. i often like making sure the item is profiled nicely!

but here what i compiled from the sellers images she shared with me (as a rmeinder, because i have another blog about this up already on here)

so, all of this is in the box, plus a few more she has told me about.
biggest part of this endevor will be to sort through them all and organize them by size.

ive been doing that with the clothes i have already. so when i open shop, ill have everything ready to just go up and be ready to be looked at and purchased.

ive been trying to figure out a way to designate in a store clothing sizes.

ill have some
3 months
6 months
9 months
12 months
and bigger even

but i need a clean (meaning organized) way of having them all be able to be looked at and just know thats the size your looking for...ive thought about colored hangers, but im not sure theres enough colors, and the investment would be outrageous for as much as i think ill have to hang up..

colored tags?
i like the way walmart does their size selections, they have the hangers with little tags on them in different colors.
im not sure how much that would cost, or exactly where to get those at. ill have to look.

so much more to deal with than just getting the clothes. *sigh*

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


chose to change her name on here, because i wanted to keep her privacy intact and not have her be inundated with hate messages from other.
for her privacy, and protection, i edited her name to be ONLY intitals.
why? because im better than that. thats why.

before anyone says this is private, once its in MY possession, its mine to use as i want to.
always be careful what you say to others online, you might find yourself blogged about.
 i found this in my morning email.
 what a way to start the day! lol

wasnt even worthy of a response back, directly to her, i believe it would have kept her  upset and hatrred going, to be honest.
, because i dont have to fall prey to her attacks on me and i dont need to feed the hatred...but because she sent it to me i CAN talk about some things i wanted to point out here...
as she talks as if she knows me on some level.
as far as i can remember, we have NEVER spoken, im not even sure who she is, to be honest.

i want to touch on some things in this.
"You are an overweight waste of space who preys on other artists and finds pleasure in cyber abuse"
1)- im 60 pounds lighter, still need to work on more, i grant her that, but that doesnt make me a waste of space. i believe, if you read her last lines of her statement, shes a Christian. i have issues with that, as well as i applaud that. i love  the fact she is a Christian (if that be the case), but she is herself NOT being very Christlike with her statement of me being a waste of space.
any Christian knows that God loves everyone, Jesus died on the cross for EVERYONE..not just the 'perfect' ppl, or the ppl who THINK they are perfect. oh includes everyone, ppl who are fat, thin, tall, short, white, black, murdered, rapists, child abusers, adulterers, compassionate ppl, gracious ppl, loving ppl, Christians, and..even ppl who DONT believe in any higher power..EVERYONE... no ones left out.
so, why, as a Christian would i be a waste of space? when EVERYONE has a value to God?

maybe im a waste of space to her, but then she needs to figure out why she feels that way, and reconcile with that. because were commanded, LC, to "Love thy neighbor as thyself". to, also "do unto others as youd have done unto yourself".

so, from your hate message to me im guessing youd like to be criticized, bullied, trashed, and mocked...because we give out exactly what we expect to give back...
unfortunately, im not that person for you..i WONT give back the same way...i dont think you deserve it, to be honest.

sure i dont like this message, i feel its  a hate message, spewed with opinion, but i dont think you deserve the same in return. Why? because im not like that. im not rolling over, obviously, because im writing about this message, but i dont feel that you deserve my hatred and anger, and disappointment fed back to you.
plus, in all honesty, a message like this doesnt deserve the energy to reply back, because that FEEDS the issue for her...
and i dont do that.
i do agree with the fact she has every right to feel this way about me..
i do not have to agree with it...and i wont.

2)- "who preys on other artist"., now, im not really sure WHO the other 'artists" are in this..
ive made 2 customer dolls, working on...
a Vampling
a custom of a newborn
a couple of animals
a zombie x4

how can i PREY on other artists? im not even sure what thats supposed to mean, very..cryptic, and ppl only say enough to make their point without often clarifying anything to the receiver.

3)- "and finds pleasure in cyber abuse"
huh..shes one to talk, huh?
she comes on a site i NEVER use...ever, like seriously opened an account and have NEVER done anything on, and she chooses to use THAT account to send this message..
maybe shes sent it to other emails, i havnt looked at in a while...maybe i should go see, maybe theres more in those and i can make sense of this email..
to touch on the 'cyber abuse'..i dont think so, hence the reason i wont reply back..because it could be seen as such.
and this email doesnt  dignify a reply directly to her anyway...
"You are a disgrace to our community and to the reborn world."
 now THIS statement is what gives me some insight, she knows OF me, obviously doesnt KNOW ME on a personal level from the reborn doll making world.

heck, there has been some trouble with a few ppl in the dolly world recently, and ive been accused of taking sides on the issue, which i havnt...i cant, i can have an opinion, but i dont speak about it in the open with anyone..maybe LC is just  one of these ppl in disguise. wouldnt surprise me, its the internet, anything is possible anymore.
and the attack, is reminiscent of one of the ppl who claimed i took sides...
and her venom would fester enough to speak to me in this way.

it seems awfully cowardly to use a site im never on, and to come to me in another name..just say it on Facebook, or someplace you know i am, and speak it there...but, by all means DO NOT be a coward about it. theres no justice served in hiding behind some web site...if you know me from "groups", which i can ONLY assume is Facebook, then why not talk to me there?
"My advice to you is to watch the movie ‘Old Boy' where you should find in that exactly what you represent yourself as to others in every BAD and NEGATIVE way."
ya know? i have never watched that movie, not even sure what its about. to be honest.

i have to interject a thank you report right here..
MOM! if your out there and watching this moment in time as i walk through this, i want to thank you for the insight, and power within self, to recognize that when other speak in terms of negativity, and hatred towards others, its not the  intended they are actually speaking about, its themselves!

and THIS  statement, makes me think, perhaps she needs to review the movie herself...because shes exhibiting in this message EVERYTHING she claims i am, to me! 
its true, when ppl speak about others (negative or positive) its because they see in themselves what they associate with the most.
so, all i can derive from her  comment is that SHE...should watch the movie and shed find HERSELF represented to others in a very BAD and NEGATIVE  way...

to be honest, she already has. and thats completely all on her. and thats sad.
be a better person...try to help ppl, dont push them down, maybe you could be the reason they succeed. you never know, but you wont unless you try, and you have to change the attitude to have it work.
"I have heard nothing but disgusting, horrible, and extremely immature things come from your facebook groups."
well, the same can be said for your message to me, but ill touch on this as well..
i have NO control over others in a group. they will speak, and chatter and talk as they wish. i have no control over how they use their words... they will speak as they like.
i have no more control over them, than i do this lady.
and she obviously understands this.
if something happens and i dont see it right away to take care of it, maybe thats because i actually DO have a life, im married, have a son, attend church, do things for ppl all the time, have friends all over the place, and a life to maintain.
my advice to anyone in any group i run, or help co-run, if you dont like whats going on, leave. you have some power too, exercise that power. no ones stopping you.
no ones forcing you to stay where your not comfortable.
i know i wouldnt want to.
and i dont, if i feel squeezed out, i leave, no point in staying and feeling miserable.
*I* have the power over MY happiness, as anyone else does.

 "You are nasty and hateful and people only befriend you so they do not fall victim to your disgraceful ways."

im sure, that there are ppl out there that feel this way about me, im not sure WHY, because i think MOST ppl would say im very nice, kind, and considerate, i do have a point, a line, a measure of i go from kind, to stern if it is crossed.
and this kind of chatter just lends me to think that this individual has heard someone else speak and  gleaned what she could off of that BIASED one-sided opinion of me, and NEVER came to me for my side (common) or has had to be dealt with in a group...perhaps kicked, for, oh say, abusing a member  and saying rude things.
i have no way of knowing for sure...and in the reality of things, it doesnt matter.

ppl will hate. i cant stop that from happening.
and usually they hate ppl who are good. part of the program.
comes with the territory of life, if your a good person, youll have haters, look at Jesus..he was beloved, and his own ppl put him up to die...

 "ppl only befriend you so they dont fall victim to your disgraceful ways"

well, ya know what they say, 'keep your friends close but your enemies closer.'
in this day and age, im not surprised, really.
if ppl feel they need me to be connected to keep tabs on me, im sure they find me boring...cause i am. lol
not allot of excitement in my life...well, till

have to thank LC for that..shes brought a smile to my face
in all seriousness, im enjoying her message. as confusing as it is to decipher, and pick cool with it.
"You must hate yourself inside and you deserve too."
another..self loathing statement ppl make when they reflect the insides they themselves see in others.
and such language from..a..Christian.
sad...because she shouldnt feel i deserve to loath myself, but should want to  at least pray for me if she indeed feels this way about me, tell ya what LC, ill pray for you. maybe youll find some inner peace if i do that. its free, wont cost you anything. its a one size fits all kinda its always the right size, and God knows exactly what you need. and Hell make sure you get it.

"You have a sick addiction and there is a special place for you next to the devil himself, fire red is your hair, and when you pass you belong with the fire down there."

well i DO have an obsession...i happen to LOVE carbs, mostly potatoes...and i do, often obsess over them, in anyway, shape, or form i can get them in, and i ISNT healthy...but i love them so much.
i love Primates, and i advocate for them to have a life free of human torchur and abuse.
i love the color yellow, cant see any bad thing about that, keeps me ane to be honest to see it.
i ador Bono )lead singer from the band U2) his singing. WITH his band, and even without as a solo singer. i cant get enough of him.
i love to look at reborn doll kits, i dream of owning some, i love them, as most reborn artists and collectors do...and i love them because i have an inner portrait artist dying to get out, my dream is to make customs of ppls gown adults, children as they are, infants as they are, even  lost children and infants.

its been my dream since i was a child to make a custom portrait of someone and capture that essence is in them. and i found reborning as that avenue.
"sick addiction" ? maybe to some, it sa dream coming true for me, how many ppl can i make happy? how many ppl would LOVE to hold a doll and have that satisfaction of being able to cuddle something that resembles someone they have lost, or who has grown up and no longer in their lives in just that way?
its about making ppl happy.

and not everyone who ever gets a dol from me will be happy, and thats unfortunate, but i cant control what ppl do beyond the buying of a they receive the doll is on them, how they bond is also on them.
you couldnt hand me a spider and expect me to fall in love with it, i wouldnt seek said spider out anyway, but my point is, im not gonna love something i hate.
im not gonna love every dog i ever have either, i had an ex Boy Friend once get me a puppy to replace a dog that had passed away i loved dearly, i didnt bond with the dog..never even messed with it.
loving my art, by anyone is the same...
youll love it, or hate it, think you do and realize when baby comes home you dont.

i have NO control over that.

i seriously doubt, ill go to you would infer i should, again, NO Christian would say such to another person. i dont recall Jesus ever saying such to others, even when he was  mad at the temple..he never said a word to them about where HE felt they all needed to go, not even to the soldiers, as a matter of fact, he said to Our God.."forgive them Father, for they know not what they do"

im going to ask God the same for you LC.
i feel maybe this was  sent in hate, and anger, and out of thought for something you have NEVER come to me about and discussed with me, not under this name anyway...

and who *I* am shouldnt make a difference to you in YOUR world, i have never done anything to you.
ive never spoken to you, sold you a doll, as far as i know your some random stranger online thats only heard about me.

and thats sad, if your following gossip.

some scriptures about gossip, and in general speaking badly about someone esle.
remember, all YOUR actions ar ebeing recorded as well.
make sure YOUR in line with our master and savior..
you might find out, when your at the gates of heaven, THIS very message kept you from entering in.

James 4:11 - God is the only true judge

Do not speak against one another, brethren. He who speaks against a brother, or judges his brother, speaks against the law, and judges the law; but if you judge the law, you are not a doer of the law, but a judge of it.

Ephesians 4:29 - Watch what you say

Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth, but only such a word as is good for edification according to the need of the moment, that it may give grace to those who hear.

from one Christian to i assume another: have a blessed day, really, i mean it LC! May Gods favoring grace find you and shower you.

so, one of the ppl im connected to, who has had some recent issues with some ppl in the reborn world shared this article, with allot of her followers.
i have no problem with that at all, but i was surprised by one of her connections, a very well known, and extreemly talented reborn artist.

she basically dissed my post, no one asked her to go read it 1st of all...she opened that up all on her own. then, she dissed the whole thing saying it was suspicious that some randome individual would come on a site i never use and email me hate mail about me and the reborn community..

seriosuly, im not that difficult to nativity4me, youll find me all over the net, so sure, some random person can come and make such hirrible statements to me, and to anyone. im simply and email, and a monitor away. whats to stop them? nothing.
i was going to post this other comment by this well known artist...but theres no point to it.
she simply hasnt a clue, because she didnt fully read the statement that was sent to me and never read my blog, she spoke out of turn.
since then, she has disconnected from me. oh well. her loss, cause i will go on without her, shes very good at her art, but i can do without her attitude.

 on a seperate note i got another comment from someone completely different...

which was a support to me for how i responded to this person in the blog as a whole

this other person praised me for my working it in a way that reflected the values of Christ.
which was the intent.

and to make it clear, this was for myself more than for the world, altho the world could gleen something, if they wanted to from this blog post, it was for myself, more than anything, in the future ill have more hate mail, comes with the territory, and i dont know where ill be emotionally, spiritually, or even mentally when nit flies into my life...and ill ahve THIS blog to look back on and reflect at my power to overcome the criticism, potraid hatred, stone throwing, and abuse...but simply looking up and seeing Jesus there instead of the person who sent me the email, and replying back as if he himself spoke the words i wrote here.

theres a big change thats happened in me recently...
and thats what my blog writing is all about, and i hope i reflect tit well.

i am no where near perfect, im very IMPERFECT,but im also not one to go around and send hate mail to toehrs, for reasons, or none at all, and if i have an issue i look within myself first and try to reconcile my hurt and injured feelings, and then manage to respond MY BLOG...the best way i can...
i may not do it as smoothly every time, i am human, but these words are a form of testimony to me about how i can take a situation and transform it for the better.

start with the self...and work your way outward, making sure you feed positivity to others and not negativity...

Monday, February 24, 2014


i have this thing for monkeys, and i have tied to get every single moneky kit available out there that i can find since i am a reborn doll artist.

today i logged onto my email amd saw i was tagged in someones  post of a kit they want to let go of.
owners in the UK, and taking offers, im not sure what to offer to even get this, and i have other desires for my birthday money, i just havnt made up my mind on WHAT id want to do with it..yet.

but heres some pics to give you an idea of the kit, and how others have designed it.

i would SO jump on this offer, IF the limbs were at least 3/4th.
and in dolly language thats where the arm is almost full and you have a shoulder cap on ot made with fabric, so you can see the whole arm, or most of it anyway, same with the legs.

so the kit as it is, requires a body similar to this, and im guessing the  fur is just the entire body made in this fur material (which is fine, but im not a fan of that)
when id rather have a body, because the limbs would accommodate it if they were made this way, that looks like this:

the kit im showing above is called: KIPAWA
made by: CHRISTO SKOUROVAMUS of Athens Greece for a selected nursery: SIMPLY REBORN DOLLS.

only 500 were ever made, and that kits one of them.
i never see them anywhere online. extreemly rarre to find someone with a blank kit.

*sigh* day...


original article can be found HERE

By Laura Hendrix

3.0-magnitude quake shakes central Oklahoma Monday morning

At least 6 quakes occurred Sunday

Feb 24, 2014

OKLAHOMA CITY —A 3.0-magnitude earthquake shook central Oklahoma Monday morning, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

The quake occurred about 5:20 a.m. Its epicenter was two miles northeast of Spencer, four miles northwest of Choctaw, six miles north-northeast of Midwest City, eight miles northeast of Del City and 11 miles east-northeast of Oklahoma City.

No reports of any injuries or damages have been made.

and , no, i didnt feel it and spencers the next small city over from us. had no clue it even happened, as ususal

At least six earthquakes were reported by the USGS on Sunday.

The first was a 2.7-magnitude quake at 1:10 a.m. Sunday. The epicenter was 14 miles northeast of Perry, 19 miles south of Ponca City, 20 miles north of Stillwater and 69 miles north-northeast of Oklahoma City.

The second was a 3.0-magnitude quake about 1:23 a.m. It was seven miles north-northeast of Langston, 11 miles north-northeast of Guthrie, 15 miles west-southwest of Stillwater and 40 miles north-northeast of Oklahoma City.

The third and most powerful quake shook at 3:15 a.m. It was a 3.5-magnitude seven miles north-northwest of Langston, 12 miles north-northeast of Guthrie, 15 miles west-southwest of Stillwater and 40 miles north-northeast of Oklahoma City.

The fourth Sunday earthquake was a 2.5-magnitude at 8:30 a.m. Its epicenter was eight miles north-northwest of Langston, 11 miles north-northeast of Guthrie, 16 miles west-southwest of of Stillwater and 40 miles north-northeast of Oklahoma City.

The fifth quake shook at 2:11 p.m. 8 miles south of Medford, 20 miles north-northeast of Enid, 25 miles West of Ponca City and 83 miles north of Oklahoma City.  It was a 2.5-magnitude quake.

The final reported quake occurred at 6:11 p.m. It was a 3.1-magnitude earthquake with an epicenter right under the city of Stillwater, 26 miles northeast of Guthria, 39 miles northeast of Edmond and 51 miles north-northeast of Oklahoma City.

There was also no reports of injuries or damages associated with these earthquakes.

Saturday, February 22, 2014


so, i was at  The Plaza Mayor, formaly known as: Crossroads mall today, because its saturday, and we  said wed help out at the mall since one of our members died..

i really get seriously bored there, i have no net access to do anything, and i get bored with my crochet, and i cant drag all my kits with me, and the cooker to bake them in there, so i feel, kinda lost..

i wrote a blog a couple of weeks ago, about being at the mall...and seeing a zumba  benefit going on, and it inspired me to want to find a class, somewhere.

so i looked online, found an instructor, and emailed him, reply as of today.

and again, i was at the mall, and these same zumba ppl were there in far less numbers, and i have tied to find them..LA DIVA ZUMBA...not sure where they are located...
not sure i could go to those classes, they do everything, and i mean everything in spanish.
i dont know much, so id be

i was thinking today, how my mother loved latin music, and shed have loved the music they play during zumba.
and i recommitted myself to finding a class/instructor so i could get fit, and healthy, and honor my mother by doing all of this to..latin music.

so, i went back online a few minutes ago, and the same guy came up as closest to me as an instructor, and i knew i was still waiting for a reply, so..i decided, on the off chance hes on Facebook, to search his name there.

ya have to LOVE the internet, seriously...
he was the 1st hit on my search on Facebook! no lie!
and his profile says hes a ZUMBA instructor at the YMCA...

well, nothing ventured, nothing gained..
i wrote him on Facebook, this time, told him about the other letter,m, in case he wanted to go see that its there..maybe hell reply back through that one instead of his Facebook one..i dont know.

i asked how much it would cost to attend his classes. and exactly where they were, because one page says an elementary school, while Facebook says i need clearification on that.
anyway...maybe ill get a reply and ill know for sure, im sure hed think i could call YMCA up and inquire..
but i dont think anyones there at midnight to answer that question, lol

UPDATE..hes a fast replier to Facebook, lol

he replied back!
says hes no longer at the YMCA (thank goodness, thats like 100+ for a membership, i think, not liking that just to be able to zumba !!!)
and hes at EAST SIDE ELEMENTARY...ill have to locate that, said he thought they would start back up in a couple of weeks, so my timing is right on!

looks ;like its about 3 miles from my house. roughly.
in a residential neighborhood i dont know that well, thank goodness the schools just one street from a main street i know.

maybe ill be zumb-a-ing in a couple of weeks! 
not sure how i feel about not having anyone to go with..but i must learn to be less co-dependant.
i HAVE to learn to do stuff on my own,.
i dont like to, but its something ill have to do. ppl wont always be there to do stuff with. thats a reality.

maybe ill make friends there. maybe ill know some ppl allready. dont know.
well just have to wait and see.

i cant believe this..seriously!
what? im must be going out of my head!
he told me: $5.00 ...A WEEK!
thats a 20.00 for the month! FOR BETTER HEATH! DANCING! AND ITS EXERCIZE!!

uhuh..gonna have to get in on this thing!
michelles about to break out of her fat self and hit the floor to a better healthier me!


wanted to brag about this handmade, CUSTOM cover i bought for 15.00 from a co-worker at the haunted house i work for, his wife makes these, and she made this one for me, because i LOVE monkeys and the color YELLOW!

i believe in a dream, and i believe in an artists dream, as im an artist as well.
i feel if its burning inside you, you need to  do something to let that fire out, or it will consume you and never be seen by those who can appreciate it.

if youd like one, heres her link to her Facebook page, tell her i sent you!

make someones dream come true, youll get something fantastic made for you, and a one of a kind, and youll help her achieve a dream!
its a win-win!


i dont NORMALLY be hard core and vigilant about any packages comeing to my home...i usually just wait a week, and it arrives once someones send me confirmation for a tracking number.

but i just went to see if the package from MRB was on its way.
she sent me a pic of the tracking recipt 2 days ago, and i went and looked online, and the dumb package hasnt been registered  yet that its out in route, ir in travle, or hit anywhere to be resorted yet.

which, to be honest, is quite strange, to me.

but then, we are dealing with humans and computers, of which both are only as good as the fact they do a job either reminded to do, or set to do.
and thats no guarentee that youll have an update about your item in any timely manner.

i had ordered business cards once, and was watching them travel, they came here to my area, then rerouted themselves all the way to NY, for what? i do not know...they were here, ill say it was human error, and we ALL make mistakes, no ones fault.

called the company up, asked them to trace my product, they did like i did routed off the number saw it was in fact where i said it was, and hadnt moved.
reordered new cards, because those were "lost" and may NEVER come to me, and the NEW set, and the ORIGINAL set both arrived the same day!

so..for what its worth...this box of baby stuff, may be on its way, or may be there, who

not worth stressing over, seriously!


i run 34 pages (right now, that can go up and down at any time) on Facebook.

and the one group thats the most active, is a dolly scammers group, for ppl who have had issues with artists, or sellers/buyers and want to make a claim, to say they think an individual is a scammer.

well, ive been running this thing for a while, alone.
i add ppl every morning to the group.

and i welcome them all with an announcement teling them to make sure they read and understand the rules of this group.
we will not allow name slinging, or disrespect, in or out of the group, you MUST rovide evidence of your claim, or theres no point in making one, everyone can screen capture anything anymore...PC/Laptop, even smartphones have the ability to screen capture anything anymore.

very little drama, for a group of like 1500+ members in it.

maybe once, twice a month a ripple hapens, and within a week, its done and settled. but oer all, very quiet place to monitor and watch.

not long ago a former member came in and  accused the former creator of the group of scamming.
well make these ppl (claimant) person A, and the other individual (who the claim is about) B for this discussion.

so, A came in and said B was a scammer.
i was connected to  both ppl for a while. A & B.
A came into this scammers group and made a huge stink about a doll that she says she never got from B
and i got wind of the fact that B (who had left the group for personal reason) was wanting to possibly come back into the group.
so, i asked the members to be  respectful, and remember that what you give is what youll get. respect is the main factor in this group, you can make a claim, and you can talk, heck, even yell, but i draw the line at disrespct. one mention, one slight motion, one off color woird, name calling, anything of that nature, and i kick you out.

well, A saw my post about respecting B and flipped all the way out, called me everything under the book, except  a decent human, and said i was siding with B, which i was not...i cant as an admin...its not right.

and B< never came in anyway.

so, A dissconnected from me. and eventualy so did B.

and i sat with the knowledge i didnt need to defend myself, and let either party know the other had let me go, if you want to know, you are an adult, you can ask, but if you think you dont care, you wouldnt anyway, and im not required to save face for i kept my moth shut to both pareties.

A left the group after her tantrum. was fine with me...she kicked up way to much dust for my personal tatstes.
 and B never rejoined the group.

when A left, all of her diologue about B was  deleted, i didnt do it, im guessing she did it herself, fine with me, less to have to manage.

well recently a member asked about a doll that she wanted to know if it was made by B
i answered and told her yes, it is in fact, her latest work.

well, i figured that might have been the end of the subject..ive been watching the chat about it for a couple of days, nothing major was said, jsut a note about the eyes and placement, but i left that.

well, yeasterday a comment was made about the doll being "UGLY".
and i removed that statement, because thats a PERSONAL OPINION and has NOTHING to do with the thread, which was to inquire about the artist and make sure that was in fact her art..
the question was answered.

dont get me wrong, EVERYONE has a right to an opinoon..on ANYTHING and EVEYTHING...
but it has NO place, unless its about a person you feel is scamming THIS group.

im not sure if i have mentioned another individual im personaly dealing with who has done something to me and my art, and has since become her won reborn artist, and the thing she did, crushed me...
took my 1st customer doll (i sold to her) and redid the entire thing, then sold it to someone else)
now, my greivance with her isnt her action about the doll...on a minor level it is, its more about her slamming my art, she asked for what i gave her, even messaged me and told me how she LOVED the doll..
then she has gone around and complained about the very things she said she loved..THATS my issue with her..

beyond that, i can appreciate HER work, even tho im not a fan of her personally...she has talent, and i wont deny that.

i dont know, maybe im different, and i cant explain why, but i can remove myself from that one thing, and look at the issue from another place, with a whole new set of eyes, and in a different light.
most ppl cant.

and i dont get that. maybe cause im different, i dont know.

but the individuals i started to talk about in the group, who, as far as i know, have never dealt with Bs artwork, were saying it was  "UGLY"..
whats the reason? simply because you think shes a scammer because you read that elsewhere?
she hasnt done anything to either of them...
and they have an issue with her work..
id somewhat ge tit if they had a reason to not likie her, and then the opinion of her work spills out over..thats human nature...but why dislike her work, because of a rumor?

ppl confuse me..

like i said, i have an issue with one individual, RG, and i can step away from the issue and apprciate HER art...why cant other ppl do that?

makes no sense to me that ppl blur the issue with the talent.

Friday, February 21, 2014

COLUMBIA SCs "CASTLE" 'BRANTLEY MANOR' REVISITED...I Got An Email From Mrs. Brantley Herself!

so, as a routine of mine, one of the very 1st things i ever do, is go through my emails and  make sure i didnt miss anything important, and toss about 2/3rd of them out, because its always useless junk.

so, im going through my emails, same ole same ole, nothing unique, until i get to one email, and i have no idea WHY i decided to open it, something said to do it..

i was hesitant because the header was: BRANTLY MANOR

what the hecks a Brantky Manor? i was asking myself.
is this some NEW way to say ive inherited a bajillion dollars because some poor sole has no heirs and  he wants to give it away to someone, some stranger, like me?
well, i thought thats what it was all about..but i still, for unknown reasons, opened it...
thinking..what can be so bad about this? ive seen them a hundred times, and i toss each and every one of them, after i chuckel about my possibility of getting the funds they say id get...
(in case your wondering, they are ALL scams! dont fall for them!)

so, i open the email up, and scan over it, and im caught by the phrase...
"in your lovely article about Brantly Manor"
and im confused, and put aback, a bit...

mu article? about what? is this some kinda joke?
so i continue to read, or scan, looking for the number of funds id inherit if i fell for this scam...
and, no money was mentioned..

so i read it a bit more carefully, again...
still no mention of funds...

so i google Brantly Manor, and realize im seeing images of a hiome i had written a blog about a while ago (like 4, maybe 5 years ago!) and as im reading this email, i realize this woman who has written it, is  the wife that used to live there!

so i google my blog, because i remembered i had written one...
and the funny thing about the timing of this entire thing is, i was "dreaming" about  this same home a few days ago when the mega millions was still not won by anyone yet, and had the hopes, for the slightest iof seconds, that it could have been me and my family, so i could, buy the property, and build a dream home on it, somewhat similar to the one im looking at that i had written about in a blog so many years ago!

heres the link to my blog about this home:
and, yes thats a completely different blog than this one, i wanted to try to write by the year now instead of one whole blog...thats why this ones not in that one.

anyway, heres the email, i dont think shed mind if i posted it, nothing in it damaging to her...(for her privacy, i have only used the 1st letter of her name and removed her email from the post.
From: N Brantley
Sent: Thursday, February 20, 2014 7:33 PM
To: nativity4me@***********.com
Subject: Brantley Manor

Dear Michelle,
My name is Nancy Brantley and I just read your beautiful article regarding Brantley Manor.  I don't know what possessed me to look it up but I must have been in a nostalgic mood of some kind.
Twenty four years ago Gene Brantley and I divorced.  This was only a few months after moving into "our home".  We lived in the guest house during the construction of Brantley Manor.  On the plans for the house it was actually named NANGEN HALL-- our names together.  At one time there was a carved coat of arms that said NANGEN HALL in the great hall over the fireplace.
We loved our Williamsburg style home on 26 acres in Blythewood but Gene wanted to build a brick home (since he owned a brick company.)  We had been at a USC football game in Virginia and
saw beautiful old Tudor style homes and when we returned we started planning.  I was reluctant since I loved the solitude of our home in Blythewood and had just remodeled it.  When we purchased the land at the lake, the little old blue/green sided house that sat on the lot for years was taken off by barge across the lake to Saluda area, I believe.  That made the front of the State Paper just seeing a house floating across the lake.
I never remarried (not because I got any kind of a settlement--Gene was a shrewd attorney) .We were married for six years.
I just thought since you wrote such a beautiful article that you may want to know a little more of the story.  For many reasons that I will not go into, I thought it was interesting that it burned down on.
Valentines Day as there was a love story behind it all.
All the best to you,
N Brantley"
i reposted an article i had found online about the burning of the was suspected arson. im guessing never confirmed.

but what a sad thing, such a beautiful home, and it is no more.
i sent her a reply..

is this the  blog your referring to?
its funny, I was thinking about this about 3 days ago, when the last huge amount of money was up for grabs in the lottery, and as anyone would do, I dreamed, and my mind reflected on this home.
im amazed you took the time to write me! I thought for a second this was some kind of, scam, you know where barrister, so-and-so says that they have no living relatives and you’re the closest to an heir they can find, lol and they want YOU to have ALL of the money, but its tied up in some foreign bank..blah blah...
I actually had to read your email to me 3 times to make sure I wasn’t  missing something along those lines. lol
thank you for the kind words about my blog.
it really was  by accident I even found out about that lovely home. as my husband knew about it well before I ever did (I mention that in my blog) and ive looked into what it was used for, weddings, receptions, parties..etc,, allot of nice pics can be found online of the home before it was burned to the ground.
such a sad story...such a beautiful home.
ive actually entertained the thought of rebuilding it,  on the same spot if I had the money and the chance, not sure whats there now. I havnt looked.
I think last I saw on a google image it was a blank plot, prime real estate tho, would be wonderful (if I could afford to) to build something like it there again.
thanks for emailing me...
I feel..."special"
id LOVE to know more about the property, and the home. feel free to email me back!


so, now, im waiting for a reply...

and just to make sure this wasnt wome joke being played on me i went to this blog, and youll see to the right is a column that shows when ppl have hit my blog, and often, what page they landed on to read, or opened up, because they were searching for something on some search engin, all thats told in that one tiny area for each visit ..anyway, yesterday, 15 hoursa from the time i hit the same page i see this:

..pretty sure thats her.
search engine was Yahoo, page that was visited is the same as the one i posted the link for. and..shes from SC??? yeah, thats most likely her.

but how awesome is that? to have a blog up about some  mansion, you never knew existed and when you do find out its well past its life, because its nothing anymore, and the woman of the home emails you to let you know she appreciated the blog you wrote about it?

i never have a very dull is always interesting to me!

when i receive a reply, ill post about that as well.

i mentioned to my writer friend, that i had gottent his email, and was awaiting a reply..because this in her small email to me is the stuff that catlaysts a writers new book..

i could just see a story (thriller) about a coiple who made it to the rich side of life, building a dream home, having marital issues (perhaps an affair) and then the home burning to the ground, not to sound morbid, but perhaps one of either of the couples, or even both would die in the fire, and then a new couple buys, or rebuilds, and we have a classic ghost story...
would be a good one, unfortunatly, i dont write, i have to leave that to those who can, and do, i do, however have great story ideas!
and this one makes for a compelling one.
classic ghost love story!!

anyway...awaiting a reply now.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

GETTING MORE BABY CLOTHES!! from someone else on Facebook

it happens every so often that, someone on Facebook will want to seel some stuff, great market place if you can trust the other party..

i just happned to see a post go by about baby clothes, and someone said if anyone was interested to PM her, and shed tag your name in the album, so i said i was interested, she tagged my name i went to go look, and decided i waould buy it all.

after a but of finagling the hubby for how to divide the funds for this, i paid 100.00 for about 50 things i saw pics for, she said she had another box, was gonna throw it in with these and send it all along, as well WITH a special something i have promised to keep secret.

so shes having weather issues and cant send it off right away. shell do it in a few days.

i have another box coming from another person fuill of clothes.
and kits as well..

its gonna feel like christmas around here!


i want to have faith in ppl, i really do.
so, against my better judgement, and advice to others, i made another sale with MRB (shes a minor so i wont use her name here)

i made a clothing order, about 100 items for just over 100.00 (it was like 120.00  i think) wasnt a bad deal.
made a post about that when i did it, and sent the payment off..all that.

well MRB told me before she would be leaving to visit another reborn woman near her home for the weekend, shed have my package out.
didnt happen.
then when she came back i asked if she had sent it yet, and it was presidents day, and the mail doesnt run.
strike out, and then she tells me that they had a storm blow into her state and she was let out of school, and the next day, her mom was gonna try to mail it, then she was gonna, and i didnt bother her for 2 days about it..

today, a whole different story..i tapped her..and finally got a reply about my stuff!
mom would be sending it off, after work, well i wasnt sure which time zone she was in, so i looked that up, same as me, lol.

next thing i know, i have a tracking number!
says the parcel should arrive about the 27th. thats a week from today exactly. might be sooner, mail usually is regardless of what they expect for a time frame.

so, more stuff for my business!

now..i need boxes for all this stuff, lol
csuse im gaining more and more inventory..
need someplace to store it all till i get that place at the flea market.


so, ive had a rough patch for a little bit with my doll making, my 1st customer  got her doll, and then decided she didnt like the dill, never asked me for a refund, never  said mush to me, had a few issues with the doll, she said shed fix on her own, and she decided at that time to redo her completely.

my 1st customer doll was a zombie.
and her mother praoised her when she sent me her message on Facebook about her, said she loved her, her paint job, her hair, all of it, evething, then..she didnt.

and that brought me down..until recently, where i just decided, that HER opinion of MY work wasnt gonna keep ME sure shed love it to be, but i wont let it, so..ive been doing what i used to do, looking over the site i buy all my kits from, obsessing about owning some kits, and thinking..for my new indoor flea maket baby stall ill have (hopefully), i should have some dollies for sale, at least to display the clothes off in anyway.

so i bought my 1st few kits just for that.

bought one for myself, cause i adore the look of this particular doll when shes done..its the CRYSTAL kit
isnt she just cute?!?!?
i love her face, her expression! her look!

heres everything in blank format...

i also bought an ELIZA kit, love her facial expression as well.

yes, thats a doll, not a real baby...
heres her as a blank kit.
i like it when a kit has some kind of expression. i like , and i prefer smiling kits. they are sweet and appealing. always in a perpetual state of happiness, never fussy. and i prefer that.

i also got, and i was seriously obsessing over this little kit, and had to go and hunt down some payyerns to make some things for it..
CALEB..hes a micro preemie sized doll. hes 14 inches from head to toe!

i thought if i could get him at the right proce he might be able to be used as a play-born, which is a doll kit thats not as detailed and  done as a regular reborn doll is, and is meant to be used for playing with.
since my last order of him, they went and did a new vinyl on him, and added more details to him, as seen in some of these  pics of his blank kit
and more detail showing the difference from the old vinyl to the new vinyl
 i love how wrinkled his tiny little feet are, like a real micro preemie baby would be.
i cant wait to do him!

before i can do that, tho, i have to work on some customers dolls.
Laura has an animal doll, i wont talk about much here, i have another blog for that, plus i have to do her sisters, then i have to order her a kit to make as a zombie as well
and im still waiting on final payments to finish a vampling up for another customer.

then i have andreas zombie baby, then i have to order her another doll kit to make into a regular doll for her as well. and also wandas custom baby, and then i also have a zombie to do for vamplings mamma, and another custom to do for a friend.

allot of ppl waiting on my crafting, and creativity.